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Noises In Your Attic? We Service, Trap and Remove


Get rid of raccoons for good

That scratching sound in or around your attic or crawl space is often a raccoon. Unfortunately raccoons can pose a dangerous threat to household pets and humans because they  carry diseases such as rabies and distemper.  Raccoons can be very vicious especially when young are present.

Call us today to have this danger removed from your home by a professional.

They won't be back

Once Trademark Wildlife Division removes a pest you can be certain it won't be back. Our professionals find the place of entry and will reseal the entry point so they cannot retun.

Safely removing pests for over a decade

When you call the Trademark Wildlife Division you'll always receive the highest level of customer service. Our locally owned company has been combatting pesky critters for over 10 years!

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