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Noises In Your Attic? We Service, Trap and Remove


A reliable bat removal expert

If you have an issue with bats in your home, contact the Trademark Wildlife Division. We have a Nuisance Animal Control Technician, licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Bats are an important asset to our ecosystem, it’s important to have them removed safely.

Cleaned and sanitized

All traces of bat guano (droppings) and debris will be removed from the infested area and thoroughly cleaned. In addition, we take measures to ensure that the pests won't return again

We remove all bat species

There isn't a bat job we can't handle, including the Brown Bat and Big Brown Bat. Some bats are a protected species therefore all bat jobs are treated as if they are protected. We will move the bats from your property and put them back into the wild.

Bat boxes, Bat Removal, Clean/Sanitize

Your property may actually benefit from having a family of bats living nearby. Bats are great for keeping the bug population under control. Our professionals can provide bat boxes for your property so you can reap the environmental benefits without having to house them in your attic

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