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Noises In Your Attic? We Service, Trap and Remove


Let us remove potentially dangerous snakes from your property

Venomous snakes are nothing to take lightly, especially when they decide to move in. Since snakes aren’t considered a game animal in the state of Georgia it’s illegal to kill a non-venomous snake. Our licensed Animal Control Technician will safely remove and relocate the slithering pests from your property.

The presence of snakes is usually the result of a rodent problem. Allow us to complete our 17-point inspection to ensure your home is pest free

Services include:

  • Rat snakes
  • Venomous & Non-Venomous snakes
  • Water snakes
  • Brown snakes
  • And more!

All snakes removed:

  • Removal of all snakes
  • TBD
  • Sealing of home removing snake entry point

Did you know?

That the #1 fear for humans is the snake? More people are afraid of snakes than they are of heights and tight spaces.

Good thing you have the professionals at Trademark Wildlife Division!

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