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Noises In Your Attic? We Service, Trap and Remove


Bird removal and prevention for over 10 years

Don’t take matters in to your own hands when a family of birds becomes a nuisance. Our professionals will remove birds safely and clean out the space where they were nesting to prevent fires in vents and chimney spaces.  All areas are sealed so the birds cannot return!

No more nuisances

Birds tend to get into openings in your home such as; bathroom vents, dryer vents, open masonry chimneys and pillars. Contact us to have them removed safely and permanently.

Removal of birds like:

  • European Starlings
  • Woodpecker (deterred)
  • Swallows
  • Sparrows
  • Pigeons
  • And more!

Problem with a woodpecker?

The woodpecker is a federally protected bird under the US Migratory Bird Act. If it is causing you problems reach out to our skilled team. We have the ability and knowledge to properly deter them. Trademark Wildlife Division can offer tips and suggestions to deter woodpeckers as much as possible.

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