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Noises In Your Attic? We Service, Trap and Remove

The BEST in the Business

When a pest issue presents itself on your property, call the experts. We've serviced over 10,000 homes in the past decade. We'll address your issue with our 17-point inspection and remove the nuisance safely and permanently.

DNR Licensed

An animal invading your home can be a danger to you and your family. We have a Nuisance Animal Control Technician, licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Contact us today for more information.

We Guarantee Our Work

Once we remove the unwanted pest you won't have to worry about it turning around and getting right back in. Our professionals find the point of entry and seal the entryway to prevent re-entry.

Welcome to Trademark Wildlife – Buford, GA

Here at Trademark Wildlife, we go the extra mile to make sure your home is rid of any pest you may have.

We have a 17-point inspection for wildlife problems which includes:

  • Screened roof and gable vents
  • Exhaust vents covered (dryer/bathroom)
  • Crawl vents properly covered/sealed
  • Rock/stone to wood gaps
  • Foundation to siding gaps
  • Bay window bottom checked
  • Garage properly sealed
  • Utility lines to house properly sealed
  • Roof junctions meet tightly
  • Droppings, footprints, nesting evidence in attic
  • Crawl doors sealed
  • Chimney cap secured/sealed
  • Noises or odors coming from attic and crawl space
  • Vegetation touching home or roof
  • Gutter inspection
  • Wiring for gnawing/chewing
  • Tunnels around exterior

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